• 6-23-2017-eblast

    Imitators of God

    Every day, news broadcasts are filled with reports and warnings about unprecedented severe thunderstorms, damaging wind gusts, flooding rain, large hail and tornadoes that have swept across or are threatening the lives and property of people in state after state.  We are told, repeatedly, that this kind of severe weather

  • 6-15-2017-eblast

    From Process to Promise

    For thousands of years, the Judean date palm tree was one of the most recognizable and welcome sights for people living in ancient Israel. It was widely cultivated for its sweet fruit and the cool shade it offered from the blazing desert sun. So popular was this date plant it is

  • 5-26-2017-eblast

    Who Will Stoop For Me?

    An incident occurred early one morning after Jesus returned from His private prayer time on the Mount of Olives.  Eight days after the Feast of Tabernacles, Jerusalem was still buzzing with the celebrants attending this annual festival when He entered the temple court, perhaps the Court of Women where anyone,

  • 5-18-17-eblast-arise-o-sleeper

    Awake O’ Sleeper!

    Fourteen-year-old Jack had just purchased new archery equipment. He could hardly wait to try it out. Knowing that bales of hay would provide an excellent backdrop for a target, but having none readily available, he chose to use several sheets of insulation board leaning against his house. After centering the

  • 5-11-17-eblast-removing-the-stones

    Removing The Stones

    You just can’t sit there!  We just can’t sit here and not participate in our upcoming evangelism by prayer or personal contact with potential candidates. We can’t just sit there as long as we acknowledge that regardless of where we were born or when we accept Jesus Christ as our

  • 5-3-2017-eblast-we-are-one

    May We Be As One

    Some time ago, the Pacific Union Conference issued a call for “United Prayer” in all their churches.  They appealed for the participation of every church member saying “Let us lift up our hearts in prayer to a prayer-hearing gracious heavenly Father to send us, in the name of Jesus, the

  • 4-28-2017-eblast-launch-out-into-the-deep

    Launching Out Into The Deep

    The disciples had been fishing for an entire night and had failed. Their failure is astonishing because, according to ancient records and reports, the lake abounded with fish. So, it was an exceptional occurrence that those seasoned fishermen could or would have worked hard all night long and caught nothing.

  • eblast-4_21_2017

    I Will Follow You, Lord, But…

    This is the third and final installation of our study of Luke 9:57-62. Previously, we discussed the demeanor and response of two would-be disciples whom Jesus interviewed before selecting seventy (Luke 10:1) whom he trained and sent to reap His plentiful harvest. The third man (whom the Gospel of Matthew

  • 4-7-2017

    Will You Really Follow Me?

    Sacred Cows Make Good Hamburger, is a great book about what it takes to develop change in people and organizations. The title is intriguing, but what is a “sacred cow”? It is a metaphor based on a practice in India where practitioners of Hinduism would rather starve to death than

  • 3-31-2017-eblast2

    Ascending The Mountain of Faith

    In a churchyard, nestled in the valley, under the shadow of a majestic mountain in the Swiss Alps, is a simple inscription on the tomb of a man who perished in an Alpine accident.  It read, “He died climbing.”  He heard the call of the mountains, responded and lost his