• 12-8-2017-eblast

    The Threshingfloor of Faith

    A family was in desperate need of help. Their electricity and gas were turned off.  They had no food in the house and the ten-month-old baby was suffering from a severe cough. The family needed $500 immediately to help them stay afloat. A friend felt compelled to help, but doubted

  • 12-1-2017-eblast

    Closer Than A Brother

    An annual epidemic is fast approaching with every tick of the clock toward the Christmas season and end of the year. It is a crisis that usually pose as grave a threat to public health as obesity or substance abuse. It is the annual visitor that shows up uninvited and

  • 11-24-17-eblast

    Peaceable or A Peacemaker

    We hope you enjoyed a very happy Thanksgiving, even in the midst of a world in chaos. For, as we survey the world today, we are no longer dismayed to discover that all nature is in convulsion. If we should begin with our own fallen nature, as we ought, we

  • 11-10-2017-eblast

    Tried By Fire

    Two long-time ice-fishing buddies were shoveling snow while visiting Boston. As they worked, they talked about how long it had been since they were ice fishing together. “What do you say, George,” one said. “Let’s get our poles and saw and go fishing one time before we go home.” A

  • 11-2-2017-eblast

    Beautiful Feet

    We are living in uncertain times.  Since September 11th preachers have been faced with congregations of fearful if not frustrated worshipers.  Today, more than any time before that historic date, people come to church wanting to know if the preacher has “a word from the Lord.”  They are looking for

  • eblast-10_27_2017

    The Bride

    Ten-year-old Mike attended a wedding for the first time. After the service, he was seen having a very intense conversation with George, his seven-year-old cousin, who asked him how many women can a man marry at a time. “Sixteen,” was Mike’s prompt, confident response. “Sixteen?!” said George incredulously, “How do

  • eblast-10_20_2017

    Together As One

    A few years ago, two adult children, from Illinois, sued their parents for malpractice in parenting. They charged in their lawsuit that their parents had botched up their upbringing so badly they would need years of costly psychiatric treatment to undo the damage. Family! We can’t live with some and

  • eblast-10_13_2017

    The Koinonia Fellow-Ship

    The Christian Church in general and our denomination in particular, was founded by Jesus Christ to be a vibrant community of faith. It is often referred to as a ship, a great vessel making its way through the stormy, treacherous sea called life. There, Satan, like the iceberg that sank

  • 9-28-17-eblast

    Fanning The Flame

    Once upon a time, long, long ago, the church was a haven, a sacred refuge for the distressed, debtors, and discontented outcasts. The good news was a refreshing, revitalizing message for misfits – those who are in the world, but are not of it – who received the assurance that

  • 9-14-17-eblast

    Return To Me

    It could have happened any day during these months of rabid rhetoric from our nation’s capital. However, Scripture reports that it was in the eighth month, October, 520 BC, during the second year of the Persian King Darius, about eighteen years after the Babylonian exiles returned to their homeland. It