• 8-10-17-eblast-2

    The Judas In Me

    A good case can be made for the actions of Judas who saw in Jesus the nobility, strength, fearlessness and miraculous abilities that caused him to devote his life to Him. However, his enthusiastic response to Jesus’ call may have cooled over time as he observed Jesus’ seemingly indifference to

  • 8-3-17-eblast

    Philoi or Hetairos: Which Are You?

    A majority, of Americans who claim to have little or no Christian affiliation, almost unanimously assert that they would never name their child Judas. In fact, according to American population statistic estimates, as of June 2015, Judas remains an uncommon name with only 1.42 people in one million are so

  • 7-28-2017-eblast-3_16-2


    Numbers are everywhere and to most of us they mean something.  For instance, when AC 360; 20/20 or 60 minutes are mentioned, what comes to mind?  What do you think when you see 3:16? The time of day, a beloved’s birthday, the date of a loved one’s passing? You’ve seen

  • 7-21-2017-if-looks-could-kill

    If Looks Could Kill

    If looks could kill, we would be a nation of walking dead because we get angry and stay angry with ourselves and others.  We see it in the dueling breaking news broadcasts and tweets from the White House to the poor house.  We see it in the random acts of

  • 7-14-2017-eblast-who-has-known-the-mind-of-god

    Who Has Known The Mind of God?

    Continued from last week’s eBlast… Notice also that Romans 11:34-35 contains three rhetorical questions, each one expecting a negative answer. They all begin with the same two words … “Who has … Who has … Who has?” The answer is always the same: “No one … No one … No

  • 7-7-2017-eblast-past-tracing-out

    Past Finding Out

    A parish priest, who wasn’t good at listening. was reading the newspaper and didn’t want to be disturbed when a parishioner came to him for help. The priest was irritated so he ignored the man who kept interrupting him. Finally, in exasperation, the priest gave in and said, “What is

  • 7-1-2017-eblast-issue-of-blood-2

    The Touch of Faith

    America, proudly promoted as the land of the free and home of the brave, is now the epicenter of fads, fantasies and phenomena.  These come and go like a flash in a frying pan. One such now forgotten phenomenon, was a breaking news story every day in 2011, called Occupy

  • 6-23-2017-eblast

    Imitators of God

    Every day, news broadcasts are filled with reports and warnings about unprecedented severe thunderstorms, damaging wind gusts, flooding rain, large hail and tornadoes that have swept across or are threatening the lives and property of people in state after state.  We are told, repeatedly, that this kind of severe weather

  • 6-15-2017-eblast

    From Process to Promise

    For thousands of years, the Judean date palm tree was one of the most recognizable and welcome sights for people living in ancient Israel. It was widely cultivated for its sweet fruit and the cool shade it offered from the blazing desert sun. So popular was this date plant it is

  • 5-26-2017-eblast

    Who Will Stoop For Me?

    An incident occurred early one morning after Jesus returned from His private prayer time on the Mount of Olives.  Eight days after the Feast of Tabernacles, Jerusalem was still buzzing with the celebrants attending this annual festival when He entered the temple court, perhaps the Court of Women where anyone,